Quote from someone who rides 5,000 miles a year and races elite, after his fit: “A little feedback on the fit. Definitely an adjustment but I actually had 2 twenty-minute efforts today and I don’t know if it’s fit or the q-rings or the crank length but maybe all of it ... I was 10% better today than my best of all of last year and it’s only February ... so that’s crazy. I just set some threshold records today that I have not seen in at least 5 or 6 years. Good stuff!!"


I’ve been racing on the same triathlon bike since 2007. I love everything about it and have been told by numerous people (including professional bike fitters) that it looks like my bike fits me perfectly. When Jessica suggested that I have her give me a bike fit, I honestly didn’t think she would find much, if anything, for me to change. In spite of that, I had my bike fit with Jessica and she found several adjustments for me to make. I quickly adapted to the changes and felt just as comfortable on my bike as I always have. The amazing part is my power jumped without me feeling like I was putting in a lot more effort.   For two years prior to the fit, my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) held steady around 185 watts. A few months after my fit, my FTP increased to 196 watts. The next year my FTP reached 213 watts! I used to struggle to hold 200 watts for a 5-minute VO2 interval and now I can hold 230+ watts for VO2 interval workouts.

After my bike fit, my training switched from focusing on Ironman to Olympic and Sprint distances. The adjustments Jessica recommended allowed me to take higher intensity training to a new level that I didn’t expect to reach this easily. I’m also grateful that Jessica was willing to recommend adjustments on my bike that I love rather than trying to convince me to buy a new bike. Shout out to Peter at Rocket Bikes for making the adjustments to my bike.

I strongly recommend Jessica Laufenberg for bike fitting whether you're buying a new bike or just looking to make improvements to your current bike.

-Jessica Yurchich - Performance Bike Fit


Very happy with my bike. I have a wide range of good, and I'd like to think my hard training for this was also a factor, but I'm sure the bike was more efficient and comfortable.

-Cyclist and Triathlete - Performance Bike Fit and Crank Arm Fit

I rode about 200k total this past weekend on varied, but generally hilly terrain. I like the saddle heght and seat position fore/aft. Pedaling felt shockingly effortless, although my legs were noticeably tired on the last 50k or so on Sunday. That could be from getting used to the new position, or the 1,700m of climbing taking its toll. Or a combination of both. Perhaps the most telling thing is that my entire legs were becoming fatigued, and not just the upper quadriceps (pre-fit). The torso/back position seems to be improved. Previously, I was prone to getting trigger points under and between the shoulder blades. None this past weekend. In general, the back muscles felt better after the rides than they have been previously. The brake hoods seem to be in a good position.

                                      -CB, distance rider and road racer

The good: no hip flexor issues, basically at all. A bit of twinginess for 15 seconds is all I can comment on. Stayed aero 50% more than I would have, and even climbed a bit aero, which I don't normally do at all. Also, my butt staying in one spot the entire ride, even coming back into the saddle after standing. And my right foot tracked properly. I ran, with short intervals, directly off the bike for 30 min. Felt the same as always running of the bike. 

                                           -BB, age group triathlete

OMG tried the Cervelo on the outdoor terrain and how the [he**] did I ever rider the bike before, let alone IRONMAN. I love the fit. I like the saddle but if they have a longer version of this same seat that would be better. I had no hip pain, back pain and or groin pain.

                                            -KL, age group triathlete


Things are going great! it feels like I'm riding a completely different bike. I've been faster and with much less pain than before.
                                            -ZA, age group triathlete

So the bike fits awesome! My hand never went numb while I was in the aero position, and I was very comfortable!
                                            -KJ, age group triahtlete